Universal Mount for Tilta Gravity Gimbal


Unlock your Tilta!

Mount it on just about anything, anywhere!

Turn your gimbal into a remote head anytime!


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Mount your Tilta Gravity to a tripod, Crane, Steadicam, car mount, cable cam our PRO-RING system… your imagination is the limit!

Designed to simply and quickly slide into your Tilta Gravity gimbal, and interface with many other devices such as our Steadicam Armpost adaptor and our PRO Ring. Once on the mount you have a multitude of standard threaded holes (1/4-20 and 3/8-16) for mounting. In addition our plates are designed to make use of the factory safety stop/catch. This avoids the Gravity from slipping out before you secure it tight the lever just like the factory handlebars.

You can use any of these threaded holes to mount the mount plate on your tripod quick plate, your multirotor helicopter, your Steadicam, your jib or crane and any number of things.

As you can see the mount allows you to interface with our PRO RING system and our steadicam adaptor.

You can use the many 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 treaded holes as mount points to attach onto a vehicle. We use industry standard 1″ on center spacing which is the same as any “grip cheesplate on set.

In addition as a added benefit our mount is ready to accept the Freefly MoVI “Toad in the hole” male adapter. This allows you to quickly switch between gimbals in you are using our PRO Ring system or maybe you have a “toad” already mounted on a cable cam or heavy lift copter. This allows you to avoid having to change mounts.

The possibilities are endless….!! The sky is the limit!!